Monday, 9 September 2013

5 Weeks of Europe #3

Here are a bunch of pics of another portion of our journey. All these pictures are either from Italy or Switzerland. We spent about a week in the Italy and four days is Switzerland. We went from Venice to Geneva, saw beautiful countryside in northern Italy and amazing mountains in the Alps, stepped into the The Coliseum and hiked above tree-line in the base of the incredible Matterhorn. We spent a day and a half on the Mediterranean Sea and spent a night couch surfing in the Swiss Alps.
Sorry that some of the quality is suboptimal... But it's all with my phone :p  so I'm not complaining.

Welcome to Italy!


Inside St. Peters


Old Rome


Cinque Terre - loved the towns and the beaches!
Met up with Regan in Geneva. We were in the Middle East together earlier this summer :)

Leaving our couchsurfing home in the alps.

I've got a lucky thumb

No bowl? No problem :)

Bern, Switzerland 
Was feeling so intelligent standing outside where Einstein worked out the theory of relativity and other stuff...


Thursday, 29 August 2013

5 Weeks of Europe #2

Since my last post, my brother and I have been through Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and now Italy! We've been from the woods outside Budapest where we bouldering, to the quaint town of Ljubljana, to more bouldering in the rainy Alps of Austria! We've spent nights in hostels, campsites, and a random porch (sketchy one for sure...)
Here are a few random pictures I took with my phone over the last week or so.


Bouldering outside Budapest. Robs is a boss!
Campsite in the boulders... Doubt it was legal lol

Cathedral in Vienna

Train ride through the Austrian Alps... Was incredible!

Birthplace of Mozart - Salzburg 

View of Salzburg!

Me and my bearded bud!

Kinda snuck into the Salzburg performing arts building... They were preparing for a ball, but does this look familiar to any of you Sound of Music lovers?

Bouldering the Austrian Alps
Wandered around this little town looking for a place to stay... Ended up on a random porch to stay dry... Also probably not legal :p

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

5 Weeks of Europe - #1

For the last week and a half my brother and I have been traveling around Europe with our backpacks and cameras. So far, we've been to the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and I'm writing this from Austria. 
Here are some unedited pictures that I've taken with my phone :)

Had a bit of a layover in Dubai...
Robs and I on our night-train to Copenhagen
Panorama of the Schwerin Castle... I've gotta say, I'm loving the castles of Europe!
Love European building

Berlin Reichstag! 
Beautiful cathedral in Berlin.
Berlin Wall 
And more Berlin 
Spent Sabbath in Wittenberg 
The river next to our campsite in Wittenberg 
We stayed at a hostel in Prague that is actually a school... They just convert it into a massive hostel during the summer! 
Cathedral at the castle on Prague
Trying to nap while we waited for out 2am train to Auschwitz... 'twas a long night
Auschwitz was probably the most sobering place I've been to in my life... I left feeling more ready for heaven than ever before.

I must say that up to this point, Slovakia is my favorite country of the trip...

Old town Bratislava from the castle (now government building)
We ended our time on Slovakia by going to a ruins of a castle outside of Bratislava - DevĂ­n Castle. 

Hope you enjoyed these few snapshots from the last 10 days... Got well over 20 more to go so stay tuned for more!